Kittinfish Mountain

Trevor Thornton began recording as Kittinfish Mountain in 2002 after Wayne Coyne called him to say that he could not be the new guitarist for The Flaming Lips, despite the enthusiasm exhibited in the unsolicited audition CD that he (Trevor) had made and sent to Wayne during an extended period of unemployment.

Kittinfish Mountain's music is a dense mélange of sound that sometimes resembles music as you've come to understand it, and sometimes just sounds like something happening to you or around you, or down the street in a house that nobody ever seems to go into or come out of but there is always this sort of bluish light coming from the windows.

Trevor has produced music more or less steadily since he started and is unlikely to stop until such time as he is physically or mentally unable to continue, or is forcibly compelled to stop by some oppressive power hitherto unknown. But really it will make little difference either way, because there's just so much music in the world, and so much else to do and think about and care about. When you really get down to it, there's no compelling reason for this music or any music or anything else to exist at all, and yet there it is, everywhere. And here we all are, in the middle of everything.

Anyway, thank you for listening, and good luck to all of us.